Inventor Software

inventor software

We'll talk here about the best inventor software on offer for use in different steps of the invention process. Brainstorming Inventor Software is a free and very easy to use online mindmapping service. Within minutes you can have … [Continue reading]

What To Invent

what to invent

In the inventing spirit, but not sure what to invent? Let's get those inventive juices flowing, and spur you into the realms of innovation. The 'What To Invent' Game One of the best ways to invent is to see it as a game. That way you'll be … [Continue reading]

How To Be An Inventor

how to be an inventor

It's not a cliche, nor is it some kind of marketing gambit, to say that anyone can be an inventor. Learning how to be an inventor is a process just like learning how to ride a bicycle or learning how to draw. Some people say that you need some … [Continue reading]

Invention of Soccer

Many people are interested in the invention of soccer. While many sports have their roots in recent history, some sports can be traced back thousands of years to civilizations in the B.C. era. Organized athletics have been practiced by just about … [Continue reading]

Hamburger Invention

The development of foods is a process that often gets overlooked. Foods we consider to be part of our every day lives, and have never had to live without, often got their starts from innovative people coming up with new ways to eat familiar foods. … [Continue reading]

Invention of Pizza

The invention of pizza cannot date back to a specific time and place, the main reason being that pizza was part of an evolution and evolved into that which we eat today. The controversy surrounding the invention of pizza, and what the first pizza … [Continue reading]

History of Invention of Television

The invention of television history and all the pioneers with their innovations and brilliant ideas changed the way the world would work forever. Today, education, entertainment and lazy afternoons are all learned and spent in front of the … [Continue reading]

Invention Of Softball

While many sports have roots that trace back to ancient athletics, some have clear beginnings in modern history. Like the invention of softball. As we’ve increasingly embraced athletics, teamwork and good old-fashioned fun, new sports have … [Continue reading]

Invention Of The Ice Cream Cone

There has been much controversy about where the invention of the ice cream cone began. What is certain, however, is that edible ice-creams cones have been enjoyed by people for over one hundred years. Conical shaped ice-cream cones are the … [Continue reading]

Invention Of The Telephone Timeline

Exploring the invention of the telephone timeline is beneficial to anyone who is interested in how the telephone originated. The world of communications has undergone significant changes, especially in the last couple of centuries. Possibly one of … [Continue reading]