Show Me The Latest Invention

If you do a web search on “the latest inventions”, you’ll see immediately that many people across the world are working on new inventions, to perform an endless number of tasks.

Our innovative nature has led us to make astounding leaps and bounds in technological advances, and we’re constantly dreaming of new ways to do new things.

So, if you were to sit at your computer and think, “Show me the latest invention,” you might get something like:

A new way for people with disabilities to interact with their computers, simply by moving their heads

A shoe protector that keeps hair from getting in the shoes of barbers and beauticians.

A way to send a CV via SMS.

It doesn’t take long to realize that there are inventions of every conceivable sort being developed every day. People develop new things for many different reasons. Perhaps one person is trying to think of ways to make their his own life easier.

Meanwhile, another wants to invent something that helps her businesses run more efficiently. Someone might be trying to think of ways to help the world in general, or perhaps just come up with a solution that is only useful to them.

Whatever their motivations, innovators all have one thing in common – they’re all dreaming up new ideas.

Many people dream of inventing something, but have no idea where to start. Whether you have a specific idea of what you want to create, or just want a way to think of something new, exploring the work of others can help get those creative juices flowing. There are websites that list recent patent applications, or showcase innovative new designs.

Just going over various inventions – or even reviewing products that have been around forever – can get the gears turning. If you’re looking for a new idea, visiting sites where people complain about problems with products or look for help with something can help you brainstorm ideas about issues that need to be solved or things that need to be improved. Keeping a notebook handy for jotting down thoughts and ideas helps you remember them later, when you have time to think about them in more detail.

Once you’ve decided on an idea to develop, the real work begins – bringing the idea from a vision to reality. Depending on your choice, this can involve any number of steps, but this is often the most exciting (and most challenging) part of the invention process.

It’s also a process full of trial and error, occasional frustration and sleepless nights. In the end, however, when you finally figure out the best approach and develop a new innovation, any headaches along the way are soon forgotten.

Well, until the patent application process, at least!

Inventing can sometimes feel like a lonely process, often involving long hours of research, troubleshooting or planning. Message boards dedicated to inventors can provide fellow innovators a way to connect with each other, share ideas, and guide one another through the process.

Experienced inventors can help guide newcomers through the process, and even provide valuable advice about the patent process.

Whether you’re looking for someone to show you their latest inventions or a shoulder to lean on while you finish the patent application, getting good support makes the process much easier.

History shows, the latest invention is never the last invention. The enterprising and pioneering human spirit means that everyday people, like you and me, will always be looking for new ways to make a difference – whether a small change or a major influence.